Monday, April 24, 2006

Cultural Implications

As has been stated repeatedly, America's wide diversity of backgrounds is one of our greatest strengths.

What happens to this diversity, our strength, when one new group of incomers does a mass migration and starts to dominate the population?

In 2040, less than 30% of Texans will be English-speaking Caucasions, and only 9.5% will be African Americans. "Other" (i.e. not Anglo, African American, or Hispanic) will be about 6% (source). All the rest of Texas' population will be Hispanics, primarily from Mexico.

I would argue that this crushes our diversity. Our cultural identity will be eradicated and a new one will replace it. Instead of the Texas you see today, you'll see what looks like a new Latin American country.

Nothing against Latin America, but I am not ready to abandon my North American identity. (Along that note, a WizBang blog article comments about the recently made Latino version of our National Anthem, jokingly dubbed by one commenter as "The Star Spanglish Banner").


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