Monday, April 24, 2006

So What's the Point? Why Should We Be Concerned?

Immigration from Mexico is a much bigger issue than most people recognize, with far-reaching long-term implications. This is not just opinion and conjecture. There is a wealth of information available for anyone who has the desire to go out and look for it. I'll show some of this and hopefully readers will add their own comments.

Huge change is underway, and we don't need shortsightedness from our decision makers in handling it. We need real thought and discussion. We need informed decisions with the public interest at heart, because there's a lot more at stake than just the power struggles of political parties and politicians.

What we really need is an open mind. Simply talking about issues doesn't make any of us a racist or "some right-wing xenophobe." You should read my bio if you are thinking like this. To really see the "big picture" of what's happening and what's at stake we should look at trends and data. And perhaps even visit a few cities in America where mass migration has already happened (like El Paso, Texas or Miami, Florida).

Look at the photos below. This happened recently at a high school in Whittier, California where students expressed their opinion about immigration from Mexico by putting their flag on top of an upside-down American flag. (Article)

It's a difficult and sensitive issue to even talk about. Can't we just ignore it and hope it goes away? Read on and see what you think.


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