Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mass Protests, for What?

Historically it's been a stealth issue (see below) but recently illegal immigration is coming into the limelight. Congress and the President are considering new measures for and against illegal immigration, such as guest worker programs and toughening up the borders. Where is this going?

The Democrats are torn between adding the growing Hispanic demographic to their voting ranks and trying not to alienate the unionized, blue-collar labor vote. Powerful Republicans are unabashedly courting illegal migrants for the future while simultaneously claiming to "get tough" on future illegal immigration. They are proposing programs that are laden with costly or unrealistic tradeoffs, guaranteeing that our Federal government can not step up to the task.

Why must our Congress be divided and paralyzed? Between the Republicans' loss of popularity and the Democrats' long-term powerlessness, are they allowing desperation and opportunism to drive their agenda? Whose interests are they looking out for? Who do they represent? To whom should their loyalties go? They need to ask themselves these questions.

Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants themselves are marching out into the street with their allies in mass protests. This Monday they staged a day of walking out on their jobs. In Mexico they staged a day of boycotting American businesses. Their strategy seems to be quite simple: make Americans feel some pain (economically) and say, "Look, you guys can't make do without us. Let us in!"

Mainstream media is downplaying the whole thing as peaceful, harmless protesting. Are they watering this down because they are afraid they might divide and lose readers? We know that these protests were peaceful in the sense that no physical violence was done, with a few not-so-peaceful exceptions (like one group in LA that showered police with stones). The real question is, what's the intention, what's the thinking? Below are photo examples from this week's protests that you aren't likely to see in the mainstream media (these photos were obtained from Michelle Malkin's blog).

Put our American flag in a trash can? Bring back Che Gueverra? What???

Is this our "take away" from the protests? Really???

I submit that we should take these issues seriously. What's at stake is far more than meets the eye. More to follow...


Blogger Thomas said...

Everyone more or less agrees that the day of protest was a failure. It didn't live up to the hype, and if anything it worsened the situation for illegal Mexican immigrants.

The more Mexicans raise their voices, the louder the backlash will be, eventually leading to an immigration reform package more detrimental to illegal immigrants than what is currently not being enforced.

Big business controls politics and they have sent a clear signal to illegal immigrants: "Shut up and take the money."

The majority of the jobs occupied by illegal immigrants are inside food and agriculture, about the only area of American employment thought to still safe from the massive labor shift to Asia, which is undercutting even Mexico. However, if the illegal immigrants want to push their message, they can and will be replaced.

5:56 PM, May 09, 2006  
Blogger Duke1676 said...

To use three pictures, hand-picked by Michelle Malkin (not exactly a bipartisan voice in the debate) to demonstrate some sort of "immigrant agenda" to disrespect or more over "invade" this country appears to me to be a bit disingenuous.

Here's a link to over 1700 candid photos taken by numerous photographers. The vast majority of them showing nothing similar to Malkins propaganda pictures. I'm sure there were a few out of the millions who marched who had a negative agenda, but as these photo show, they represented such a small minority they are statistically insignificant and should in no way be highlighted as "typical" of anyone involved in the march.

1:22 PM, May 15, 2006  
Blogger alyceclover said...

People like Duke irk me. Peaceful? Not repesentative? Does he live amonst racist La Raza'a? Who started the boycott, didn't hear of Chinese/Phillipine's/Japanese/Iraqi's/Indians etal protesting. The day was about one group of people, fueled by the La Raza's. What they accomplished was to allienate non-racists like myself.

Vista/Santa Ana/Oceanside are a few towns that have had to deal with the people. Even Mexican/Americans do not like the criminals that steal across the border to suck the welfare system dry, to bring guns, drugs, violence into peaceful neighborhoods. Do people know how many people are out of jobs, because they can not compete with the illegal immigrants, who don't have to pay taxes due to getting paid under the table, saving employers money?

Does anyone think about a simple thing like the cost of water rising because the supply of clean water is being depleted? There is a reason that the country limits the number of new immigrants. The ones that ignore the law are hurting born citizens. They have no concern about the millions of other people on waiting lists. Hey why wait when we can cheat. "This is Mexico" spray painted on a US road, is that what people want, for those 5 states to become part of Mexico? That's the aim of the illegals and their supporters. At least that's what they have been telling me.

We hear no thank you's for welfare, food stamps, Free health care, housing subsidaries, but hear more demands. Protest war? Get pepper sprayed & often taken to jail. Protest the right to have full citizenship righte without earning them, hip hip hooray!

5:48 PM, June 18, 2006  

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