Monday, May 15, 2006

Deploying the National Guard: Is it a solution?

The White House is apparently drawing up plans to deploy the National Guard as a temporary measure to bolster border patrol.

Will this contribute to a a solution? Or is it a political ploy to bolster the administration and Republican party?

This is discussed in one strongly pro-immigration blog, Migra Matters.

From my initial observations, it sounds very political to me. A uniformed presence of the National Guard in the media, to appease the American public, while being relegated to a bench role on the actual border to appease President Fox... I can guess that most National Guardsmen don't want to be pulled away from their lives for one year or more merely for political grandstanding.

And I wonder, why should we allow appeasing President Fox to be a driving factor in what we do? Fox has a huge national interest: to grow his nation's 2nd biggest industry, remittances sent to Mexico by his citizens who acquire money in USA. And all the while, his own government forces are continually and brutally abusing Central American migrants who cross into Mexico.

I believe we should put serious pressure on Fox to start collecting income tax from the wealthy elite in Mexico and use the funds to build roads, schools with textbooks, communications, and other infrastructure that could grow Mexico itself into a place that the average Jose would actually want to live and raise his kids in. Instead, the wealth of the 10th largest world economy is hoarded by the elite and occasionally used to provide campaign funds for politicians who support the status quo.

In short, the root causes of mass migration need to be addressed. Political grandstanding and disrupting the lives of National Guardsmen doesn't offer a solution.


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I have posted up a response to your questions about open borders and what solutions there are for this issue.

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sorry forgot the link:

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